How to change configs in Infinity/Alpha

Learn here how to change configs in Infinity/Alpha SCRIPT LEAGUE OF LEGENDS

– Notes

Config files are not just a simple plug and play fix and I recommend you go into a game and make slight tweaks to bet better results for orbwalk and evading spells 

No orbwalker will be perfect because of the amount of variables and calculations that are happening in the game 

Delays should be set equal to your in game ping or higher to prevent delays when it comes to things like movement and attacking 

– Installation

Video Tutorial: CLICK HERE

Note: This video was made for INFINITY, the ALPHA configs are in the script folder > config.

Infinity config location: C:\Program FilesA1

It doesn’t matter the names of the configs, I need you to understand that you just need to replace the randomly named config in your folder and put the same name, if you have more than 1, delete the other old ones and only leave the one with the most recent modification date.



Folder with 20+ configs: HERE

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