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How To Fix Any Error

Problems with the loader:

1. Disable startup services and applications:  https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/disable-startup-items-services-windows.html

1.1. Put loader in Disk C:

2. Some antiviruses remain active even after deactivation, uninstall if you have any.

3. Make sure your machine has all the requirements to use our cheat: “Requierments in how to use” 

4. Close all overlay software like MSI AfterBurner, Fraps and etc.

5. Disable Windows UAC

6. Restart the Windows

7. Update the drivers


– Error “Blue Screen” BSOD

Error ‘Failed to LoadDriver [#58765|C0000001]

Failed to LoadDriver [#58765|C0000002]

Failed to LoadDriver [#58765|C0000003]

Failed to LoadDriver [#58765|C0000004]

Failed to LoadDriver [#58765|C0000005]

Failed to LoadDriver [#58765|C0000006]

For this errors do above “Problem With the loader” everything 

Then in msinfo32 for check: bios mode, secure boot, virtualization based security

– Bios Must be on UEFI 

– Secure Boot Must be OFF 

– Disable CPU based Virtualization in BIOS 

– Under control panel > uninstall programs: Uninstall all antivirus, anticheats and virtual programs

– Defender Must be disabled use Defender Control https://files.fm/u/bs6xumnpm

– Exploit Protections set all to default 

– UAC put all way down to disable it

– Firewall Disable


Failed to LoadDriver [#78765]

– Use VPN to login/inject 


Failed to LoadDriver [#98765]

1. Go to Control Panel, Uninstall Programs and then View Installed Updates;

2. Uninstall update KB5013942, KB5014699, KB5014023, KB5014666 and KB5015020;

3. Uninstall FaceIt anticheat if you have it installed;

4. Disable the Windows Updater permanently, restart your computer and try injecting the cheat/spoofer again;

5. If it doesn’t work, go back to updates and uninstall all updates made from May 2022 onwards;

6. If you get any error while uninstalling the update, google the error. If you still can’t uninstall or the error persists, reinstall your windows with the recommended version.


Problems with Games:

1. If you get error #002, close Steam completely in the task manager and reopen as administrator.

2. If your crosshair is not moving towards enemies, follow:

2.1. Check if the color of the square that appears on your screen is changing when your aim is close to an enemy

2.1.1 If the square is NOT changing color, check if the outline color setting in your cheat is the same as the one set in the game

2.1.1 If the square IS changing its color, contact me.

3. If your crosshair is jumping when you activate the aimbot, check if you have set the cheat sensitivity the same as your game;

3.1 If your crosshair is still jumping with the correct sensitivity, increase the Smooth in the setting until it works;

4. If your cheat is crashing, restart your computer and close all apps that have an overlay (Discord, AMD Radeon, Fraps, Rivatuner and others)

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