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BGX for APEX Legends – Internal Cheat

Elevate your gameplay in APEX Legends with BGX’s powerful internal cheat, designed to give you a competitive edge. Our cheat offers a comprehensive set of features across various tabs, ensuring you have all the tools you need to dominate the battlefield.


CPU: Intel & AMD Supported
Windows Version: Win.10 – Win.11

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Aimbot Tab

  • Bone Aimbot: Target specific body parts for maximum damage.
  • Silent Aim: Hit targets without your crosshair aligning on them.
  • Triggerbot: Automatically fire when your crosshair is over an enemy.
  • Smooth: Customize the smoothness of your aim movement.
  • Silent Aim Miss Chance: Adjust the likelihood of missing to appear more legitimate.


  • No Spread: Eliminate bullet spread for accurate shots.
  • Auto Pistol: Rapidly fire pistols automatically.
  • Tactical Reload: Optimize reload times for efficiency.
  • Auto Strafe: Enhance movement with automated strafing.
  • Bunnyhop: Perform continuous jumps for faster movement.
  • Wall Double Jump (by default): Jump off walls effortlessly.
  • Recoil Scale: Adjust recoil to your preference.
  • Auto Loot: Automatically pick up items from the ground.
  • Auto Loot Key: Use a designated key to loot automatically.
  • Loot Filter: Customize what items are looted.


  • Box Type: Draw boxes around enemies.
  • Draw Health: Display enemy health bars.
  • Draw Weapon: Show the weapons enemies are carrying.
  • Draw Distance: Indicate how far enemies are.
  • Draw Name: Display enemy names.
  • Draw Heals: Show healing items.
  • Glow: Make enemies glow for easy identification.
  • Kill Count: Display the number of kills.
  • Account Level: Show enemy account levels.
  • Account Rank: Display enemy ranks.
  • Streamer Alert: Get notified when a streamer is nearby.


  • Item ESP: Highlight items in the environment.
  • Language: Supports English and Chinese.
  • Spectator List: See who is spectating you.
  • Skynade Warning: Get alerts for incoming grenades.
  • Small Radar: Display a small radar on your screen.
  • Fullmap Radar: Show the entire map with enemy positions.
  • Seer Healthbar: Display health bars for the Seer character.
  • Item Icon ESP: Show icons for items.
  • Loba Vision: Highlight items visible to Loba’s abilities.


  • Instant Hit: Ensure bullets hit instantly.
  • Free Camera: Move the camera freely around the map.
  • Auto Super Glide: Automatically perform super glides.
  • Fake Duck: Perform a fake duck to confuse enemies.
  • No Sway: Remove weapon sway for steady aim.
  • Skip Training: Bypass the training phase and jump straight into the action.

With BGX for APEX Legends, you’re equipped with the most advanced tools to stay ahead of the competition. Whether you’re looking for precision aiming, superior movement, or detailed enemy information, our cheat provides everything you need to dominate every match.

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