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Observation: Arambot works only in integration with LS ( Legend Sense ) software

Meet FH ARAMBOT, a specialized add-on designed for automated gameplay in the ARAM mode of League of Legends. Integrating seamlessly with LS Script (Legend Sense), FH ARAMBOT is not just a bot; it’s your automated gaming assistant focused on streamlining your ARAM mode navigation, from playing to re-queuing.

Key functionalities include:

  • Fully Automated ARAM Gameplay: FH ARAMBOT takes over the entire gameplay process in ARAM mode, from playing the game to exiting and re-entering the queue for continuous, hands-free gaming sessions.
  • Seamless LS Script Integration: Harmoniously working with Legend Sense, FH ARAMBOT leverages the script’s capabilities to ensure a smooth and automated gaming trajectory in the ARAM mode.
  • Effortless Account Leveling: Engage in ARAM mode without lifting a finger. FH ARAMBOT manages the gameplay, facilitating a hassle-free account leveling experience.
  • Continuous Gaming Sessions: Without needing manual input to re-queue, FH ARAMBOT ensures your account is consistently active in ARAM mode, maximizing gameplay and leveling efficiency.
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