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Warning: This product work only with Legend Sense

RS AIO: Add-On for LS Script in League of Legends

RS AIO is an add-on crafted to integrate with the LS Script (Legend Sense) in League of Legends, providing additional functionalities and notable enhancements for users. This add-on encompasses:

    • Advanced Combos: Access to a range of advanced combos to elevate gameplay and provide strategic advantages on the battlefield.
    • Yuumi Bot: A support bot that manages Yuumi’s abilities and healing, allowing players to focus on offensive moves during crucial game moments.
    • Optimized Evade Settings: Offers enhanced evade settings, improving responsiveness and the ability to effectively dodge enemy attacks.
    • Integration with LS Script: Operates cohesively with LS Script, extending its functionalities and providing a unified and enhanced user experience.


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30 days, 7 days, 1 day


League of Legends

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