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The most sophisticated league of legends account checker ever created.

Featuring blazing-fast account checking, insane stability and any feature you could ever need.

What makes it so great:

SLC Checker – Reborn was made with simplicity and the customer needs in mind, so that whoever you are, you will have an amazing experience with it.

It also comes with a very rich feature selection:

  • Being able to run up-to 1000 concurrent checking tasks without worrying for any crashes
  • The option to change the username or the password of an account within the checker
  • Checking if an account has been banned and displaying the reason and the expiration date
  • Removing the friends of any account with only a few clicks or sending a friend request to a summoner name of your choice
  • Full customization of the checked accounts view, allowing custom column selection and being able to re-order and resize them to your needs
  • The creation of user-defined account filters, so that you can easily filter any type of accounts that you need
  • Fully customizable export section with JSON, CSV and user defined export formats
  • And More…
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