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Tutorial - Synth Bypass

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IMPORTANT  If you have been banned previously (not manual) and are still continuously getting banned, my suggestion to you is you find a HWID Changer/Spoofer that will work with League of Legends, if not you will still continuously get banned, a bypass will not help you if your computer hardware has been HWID Flagged for bans.  The best way is to do a full format and HWID change along with change of IP to avoid automatic banning. 
Make sure you have disabled your Anti virus programs or added an exemption before downloading the file, Also add exemptions to your firewall if you're having any connection issues. 
We do have zoom hack bypassed, but it's not 100% safe, USE AT OWN RISK
1. Start the Bypass with Admin Privilege
2. Enter the Product Key Issued then hit enter
3. Enter the File Path to the .exe for the loader of BGX then hit enter
(BGX example "C:\Users\NoSweats\AppData\Roaming\0fs234kj23lk4jh234h234h2\BGX.exe") You can find BGX path by right clicking on the desktop application, and it will bring you the BGX executable. 
For ZenBot,  You just start the loader, then start Zenbot Loader (turn off auto inject) Also, if you do not have a path.txt file, you will need to make one in your file folder and make keep the txt file blank for Zenbot. 
4. Start the game
5. Once you join the game it will load the bypass (make use it said Success_) (at the moment to load the Success text in the chat you will need to hover over a summoner spell to load instantly) and then it will auto start BGX (set it to auto Inject) And For ZenBot You will need to wait till it said Success In the Chat Window InGame before you Manually Inject from the ZenBot Loader (please note that sometimes Zenbot will not say Inject, and will just keep saying Waiting, you just need to click on the waiting Button and it will then force load it)
6.  Profit
Error Fixes:
Error 02: Wrong Path. Make sure to add .exe in the end of the bgx path

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