Vanguard Anti-Cheat Coming to League of Legends

vanguard anti-cheat league of legends

Vanguard Anti-Cheat Coming to League of Legends: What It Means for EXO and You

In the world of competitive online gaming, integrity and fairness are paramount. With the increasing sophistication of cheating methods, game developers are continually challenged to safeguard their games. Riot Games, a leader in the industry, is stepping up its game with the introduction of the Vanguard AC system to League of Legends (LoL).

Understanding Vanguard Anti-Cheat

Originally developed for Valorant, Riot Vanguard has earned a reputation as one of the most effective anti-cheat systems available. Its unique approach, combining a client that runs alongside the game and a kernel-mode driver, provides unparalleled defense against cheats. Created in-house by Riot, Vanguard prioritizes both game security and user privacy, undergoing rigorous testing and review by internal teams and external cybersecurity experts.

Vanguard’s implementation in League of Legends is a testament to its effectiveness in combating cheating.

Vanguard’s Implementation in League of Legends

After its success in Valorant, Vanguard is set to enhance the integrity of League of Legends. Although planned for release in Update 14.4, unexpected bugs have led to a slight delay. The testing phase revealed issues that Riot’s dedicated team is swiftly addressing. The new timeline schedules Vanguard’s debut in LoL for Patch 14.5, starting with the Philippines on March 6th. Success in this region will pave the way for broader implementation in subsequent patches.

The Future of EXO Software in League of Legends Post-Vanguard

As a provider of League of Legends software, we at EXO are closely monitoring the integration of Vanguard. Our commitment to enhancing your gaming experience, within the bounds of legality and fairness, remains unwavering. With Vanguard’s introduction, we are taking proactive steps to ensure our software’s compatibility and compliance with Riot’s new security measures.

In anticipation of Vanguard’s implementation, we are gradually phasing out monthly subscriptions. This decision reflects our dedication to adapting our services to work seamlessly with Vanguard. We understand the adjustments may cause inconveniences; thus, we’re committed to compensating for any lost time during this transition period. Our goal is to ensure that EXO software continues to serve our community positively, offering tools that complement your gaming experience without compromising competitive integrity.

Adapting to these changes is crucial for the future of competitive play, always make sure to check our software status at https://exovanguard.com/software-status/


The arrival of Vanguard AC in League of Legends marks a significant step forward in the fight against cheating. For us at EXO, it represents an opportunity to refine our offerings and reaffirm our commitment to the LoL community. We’re excited about the future and dedicated to providing solutions that respect the game’s competitive spirit. Stay tuned for updates as we navigate this new chapter together, ensuring a fairer, more enjoyable gaming environment for everyone.

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