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To complete your payment, please follow the instructions below.

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    1. Acess the following link: https://g2a.com/gift-card
    2. Select the GIFT CARD that matches your order amount, purchase more than 1 if needed.
    3. Upon successful payment, your GIFT CARD will be delivered instantly.
    4. Enter the GIFT CARD details bellow and click ‘confirm’ to finalize your order.

*If the value of the GIFT CARD purchased is higher than your order total, the remaining amount can be redeemed as a discount on your future purchases.
*You can add more than 1 gift card of different values ​​if needed, separate them with –

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Para completar o pagamento do seu pedido, siga as instruções abaixo.

• Crie um ticket em nosso Discord ou Whatsapp disponibilizados abaixo com o ID do seu pedido, será enviado um link para pagamento.

• Após o pagamento, em alguns minutos você receberá a confirmação do seu pedido direto no seu Email.

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