ES Gateway Setup Guide


  • AIO Runtimes: Download here.
    Download and extract to a folder, then run the install all file. This will install all necessary runtime libraries.

  • .NET Framework: Download and install .NET Framework 4.8.
    This is crucial for running applications developed with the .NET framework.

  • DirectX: Download here.

  • Disable Defender: Download dcontrol, run the .exe then just hit the disable defender button.

Steps to Install ES Gateway

  1. Download the updated version of ES from here and extract it to a folder. It is recommended to place it at the root of the C drive.
  2. Make sure to completely close the LoL client.
  3. Open the executable file. Regardless of your server, select the SEA region. For the update server, if the first option doesn’t work, use the second one. Enter your key and click login.
  4. Wait a few seconds, then open your game. Test in a custom match to verify everything is working correctly.


If the injection fails, download the fix from this link, run it as administrator, and after restarting your PC, try again.

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