Tutorial – AEON

Disable Windows Defender:
Download our disabler tool here
Windows Runtimes: Download and install it from here
Loader: here

1. Initial Setup:

– For Apex, Rust, MW, or Fortnite:
– Download RivaTuner from this link: RivaTuner
– Install and run RivaTuner as administrator to proceed.

– For Valorant:
– Ensure you open Steam as an administrator, whether you use it to play these games or not.

2. Injecting the Cheat:

– Use the loader provided to inject the cheat into your game, always put it in one folder, never run trought the RAR.
– Wait for a confirmation message stating “Successfully Injected”. If you encounter any other messages, refer to the log file in your AEON folder to diagnose the issue.

3. Game Setup:

– Open your game but do not use the full-screen mode. Set it to “Windowed (No Border)” for optimal performance.
– If the menu key (INSERT) doesn’t work:
– Switch to full-screen mode, then revert to “Windowed (No Border)”.

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