How To Use BGX

Learn here how to install and use the BGX Script LoL in our Tutorial for BGX Script.

1 – Installation Guide

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1.Get the Installer and Create an account: https://forum.bgx.gg/forum/7-bgx-loader-download/

  • Ensure you have a compatible system (Windows 8 or higher).

2.Run the Installer

3.Check BGX Installation

  • Follow the installation steps carefully.

4.Start BGX Loader

  • Log in and ensure it updates itself on the first launch.

1.1- Troubleshooting Loader Issues

  • If BGX Loader fails to start, follow the troubleshooting steps involving folder removal and reinstallation.

1.2- Antivirus Interference

  • Disable Windows Defender or other antivirus programs if they interfere with BGX Loader.

1.3- Contact support

Note: Find the perfect BGX Config by opening a ticket on the same server.

2 – Frist  Injection

1.Running BGX Loader

Ensure BGX is updated for your current game version.

2.Monitor Injection Notifications

Check for Windows notifications regarding the injection process.

3.Successful Injection

If the game runs without crashing, the injection is successful.

4.Game Crash Post-Injection

Adjust game settings (e.g., switch to borderless mode) and contact support if issues persist.

5.Injection Failure

Address potential antivirus interference and consider reinstallation in a new folder.

6.HWID Lock Issue   

      Wait for the lock period to end or contact an admin for help.

3 – Guide for In-Game Configuration

1.Enable Modules

Navigate through the menu to load the necessary modules.

2.Essential Modules

Understand and use key modules like EUtility and Evade for enhanced gameplay.

3.Champion-Specific Modules

Select modules tailored to the champion you are playing.

4.Default Modules and Features

Familiarize yourself with the Core features, including BGX Changer, Visuals, Target Selector, OrbWalker, and Prediction.

    Usefull Links:


Full tutorial BGX ENG link: https://forum.bgx.gg/topic/23-guide-getting-started-with-bgxgg/

Full tutorial BGX PT link: https://forum.bgx.gg/topic/92-guia-primeiros-passos-com-bgxgg-tradu%C3%A7%C3%A3o/

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